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French Wine Dictionary and Accessories

Wine Storage and Decanters

Astrea Wine Rack
This handcrafted gilded wine rack not only showcases your favorite bottles, but serves as a beautiful piece of art for your decor.

Percy Wall-Mounted Wine Rack
Holds four bottles. Iron, tropical hardwood

Luxen Home Shabby-Chic Distressed Storage and Wine Cabinet
The charming shabby-chic design and distressed finish of the accent wine and storage cabinet make it a wonderful addition to any home. Features wood construction, square legs, cathedral-style door, open storage, and wine rack.

Luxen Home Wood Wine Cabinet
A classic, farmhouse-inspired, a country charmer, this rustic chic wine cabinet is big on function and finesse. The bottom open cubby features ample wine storage as well as an enclosed cubby for storing wine glasses and other bar accessories.

Luxen Home Rustic Wood Sliding Barn Door Wine Cabinet
Crafted of fir wood in a natural finish to show off its character and distressing, this accent cabinet strikes a rectangular silhouette with chunky moldings and caster wheels. keeps all of your wine glasses in one place, and a built-in wine rack.

Wine Enthusiast 84 Bottle Wine Jail
A twist on the classic wine jail, this steel-scrolled console is a decorative option that fits anywhere in your home. It comes complete with padlock and key to protect your prized collection, while the wooden top provides an extra surface for decor, bar accessories or a platter of hors d'oeuvres.

Wine Enthusiast 96 Bottle Wine Jail
Protect your wine behind the steel scrollwork of this handsome storage jail, antiqued with a bronze finish to enhance any room. Includes jailer's padlock and key.

Wine Enthusiast Hanging Glass Rack
Add visual intrigue, display your favorite stemware and save countertop space with this handsome mahogany wine rack, suspended from nickel chains.

Recycled Brick Mold Wine Rack
Crafted from upcycled brick molds, this wine rack offers a creative touch to storing and displaying your vintage reds and whites.

Slide View: 1: Shelby Leather Wine Rack
Shelby Leather Wine Rack
Featuring hand carved leather details, this wine rack offers sophisticated, au courant storage for your home.

Wine Enthusiast Cork Serving Tray
Give your entertaining decor a personal touch with a toast-worthy task. A charming way to display corks from your favorite and most memorable bottles of wine, this mahogany wood tray offers space to arrange 108 corks. A removable plexiglass cover offers an ideal surface for cocktail hour.

Lalique Orchidee Decanter, Numbered Edition
Designed to highlight the flavors of the finest spirits, the Orchidée decanter enriches the Lalique collection of decanters to satisfy the desires of connoisseurs and discerning collectors Highlighted by satin-finished crystal, orchid flowers symbolize of seduction, sensuality and refinement, majestically bloom on the stopper

Lalique Double Fish Decanter
Designed to highlight the flavors of the finest spirits for connoisseurs and discerning collectors. Showcases satin-finished crystal and Koi fish to symbolize richness and perseverance. Dimensions: 14"H


French Wine Dictionary

acerbe/astringent: tart 
: pronounced acidity
: bitter
apéritif: appetizer

Appelation d'Origine or Appelation Controle: label term signifying origin and legal right to the name
assertive: upfront, bold
balanced: fruit, acid, wood flavors in the right proportion
bouquet/nose: aroma; sève/palate--flavor and body
Brandy click for a selection of Cognac and Armagnac plus glossary of terms
buttery: flavor and mouth feel, usually Chardonnay
chambrer: bringing reds to room temperature (65-68) gradually

click for glossary and wine from this region
/ full bodied, big, rich, fills the mouth; léger/light: thin
chateau-bottled: usually Bordeaux, bottled on estate where the grapes are grown
chewy: rich, heavy, tannic, full-bodied

goût/taste: bon goût--good taste; goût de bois-- woody taste; de bouchon--corky ( from diseased cork even in fine wines); d'évent--flat from contact with air; de pierre à fusil/flinty--found in Chablis; de pique--vinegary; de terroir--earthy, usually reds
heady: smell of high alcohol content
legs: viscous droplets that form on sides of the glass when wine is swirled
/flabby: lacking in character; mouillé--watered
musty: moldy, unpleasant smell
oxidized: stale, "off,"--too much contact with air
pourriture noble/
noble rot: over-ripe grapes making very sweet Sauternes
robust: full-bodied, intense, vigorous
sediment: natural deposits. Decanting-- transferring to decanter for serving.
tannin: acid found especially in reds necessary for aging (dry sensation)
tasting tip: light to fuller bodied, whites before reds, dry to sweet
toasty/oaky: hint of wooden barrel, usually dry whites
passed its peak
velouté/velvety: rich flavor, silky texture
green: usually too young to drink
wine: naturally fermented juice from pressed grapes. du pays: regional wines drunk locally; de goutte: last pressing, poor quality; de garde: worth aging; cuit: concentrated, added to improve other wines; doux: sweet; mousseux: sparkling; ordinaire: table wine; sec: dry
vintage wines: dated bottle, entirely from one harvest only in the best years
: from contact with pigment found on grape skin: none, white; limited, rosé, extended, red
Confréries: ancient wine fraternities
/blended: similar wines married for uniform quality; cuvée--the blend
body--richness in alcohol, flavor
corsé: full bodied
crisp: fresh, young
: growth or vineyard
complex: all flavor components in harmony
coulant/attractive: easy to drink
délicat/delicate: light- weight with nice flavor
depth: subtle, complex, concentrated layers of flavor; thin lacks body and depth
domaine: followed by a name indicates ownership
/elegant: grace, balance but not longevity
fading: losing color, fruit or flavor
finish/aftertaste: taste remaining after swallowing. Long, lingering finish indicates good quality; short: not remaining on the palate
flat: low acidity or sparkling wine that has lost its bubbles
fruité/Fruity: body, richness with some sweetness-- apples, berries or herbs

There are four main classifications of wine:

Natural still wines

Alcoholic content 14% or less. Improve after bottling. The main wine grape growing areas are Alsace (fine white), Loire (moderately priced reds and whites), southern France (inexpensive table wines), the Rhône (wines that match with strongly flavored foods) and, of course, Bordeaux and Burgundy (arguably the best wines in the world).




Alcohol increased by adding brandy. Best known types not made in France.  Alcoholic content 16 to 23%.


Vermouth. Alcoholic content 15 1/2 to 20%.

Ullo Wine Purifier + 2x Angstrom Wine Glasses
Revolutionary wine purifier restores the natural taste of wine with Selective Sulfite Capture™ filter technology. Aerates and filters by the glass or by the bottle. Wine glasses have an ultra wide profile designed to fully expose a wine's aroma profile 

Slide View: 1: Lâ??Atelier du Vin Oeno Sommelier Gift Box
L’Atelier du Vin Oeno Sommelier Gift Box
Skillfully uncork wine with this sommelier set, which includes a chromed metal lever corkscrew and an innovative wine ring that clips onto the neck of the bottle to collect any errant drops. An excellent gift or addition to your own wine collection, it comes complete with a pocket guide for vintages, and a printed guide that helps you craft perfect pairings with food.

Slide View: 1: Lâ??Atelier du Vin Wine Essentials Mini Gift Box
L’Atelier du Vin Wine Essentials Mini Gift Box
Perfect as a gift or for your own use, this slim walnut box holds elegant essentials for the enjoyment of wine. It includes an ergonomic sommelier corkscrew, an easy-to-use cork opener for champagne and sparkling wines, and a universal cork that maintains the aroma and bubbles of unfinished wines. It comes complete with a printed folio featuring a map of all the major French wine regions, as well as space for your wine tasting notes.

Slide View: 1: Lâ??Atelier du Vin Soft Machine Corkscrew Gift Box
L’Atelier du Vin Soft Machine Corkscrew Gift Box
Designed with a unique gear system, this corkscrew extracts the cork vertically in a single fluid move without any torsion, minimizing any damage to the cork. It’s handcrafted using rosewood and solid stainless steel, complete with a foil-cutting blade and a bottle opener.

L'Atelier du Vin Oeno Collection 1 Set
Six-piece set

L'Atelier du Vin Soft Machine Pure Cork Extractor
Cork extractor. Assembled and finished by hand.

Rabbit Waiter Corkscrew
Retractable foil cutter

Wine Chillers and Coasters

Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee Wine Stopper

Joanna Buchanan Sparkle Bee Wine Stopper

Joanna Buchanan Amber Bee Wine Stopper
Bejewelled honey bee. A perfect hostess gift. Use our sparkling bee wine stopper to save the buzz for later!

To The Market Mother of Pearl Coasters Set of 4
Set of four. Cream mother-of-pearl with cork backing. 3.75" diameter

Wine Enthusiast 21 Bottle Dual Zone
Keep wines at their optimal temperature with this versatile design, offering a top zone adjustable temperature range of 46-65°F and a bottom zone range of 52-65°F.

Plum Wine Plum Reserve
Automatically identifies, chills, preserves and serves your wine. Holds two bottles

Sweater Bottle Cover
100% polyester

Plaid Sweater Bottle Cover
100% polyester

Joanna Buchanan Bee Wine Charms, Set of 6
1" x 1" x 0.5". Zinc/glass/resin

Joanna Buchanan Druzy Wine Charms, Set of 6
Multicolored stones with gold-tone hardware. Dimensions: 1" ring diameter. Druzy stones are natural; expect unique variations from photograph

Joanna Buchanan Chinoiserie Wine Charms, Set of 6
Dimensions: 1" x 1.5" x 0.5". Zinc/resin

Lalique Bacchantes Champagne Cooler
Adorned with the iconic Bacchantes motif, this striking champagne cooler features a removable stainless steel insert for easy clean up.

Baccarat Chateau Decanter
This revolutionary Baccarat Crystal decanter from the new Château Collection reveals the complexity, richness and subtlety of wine.

Ullo Carafe Set
Combining the purifying power of selective sulfate technology and eye-catching design, this hand-blown borosilicate glass carafe set lets you enjoy your wine at its optimal aroma and flavor

Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Set
Finally you can breathe in the fine bouquets and taste the complex flavors of your red wine without having to wait for a decanter. This deluxe aerator from Vinturi opens up your wine when you pour a glass, providing perfect balance right away.

Lalique Clear and Gold Stamped Swallows Decanter, 2018 Vintage Edition
The swallow symbolizes happiness and freedom. 12.68"H x 6.30"W; 50.75 oz. capacity. Highlighted by hand-applied 24 karat gold enamel. Made in France

Joanna Buchanan Bee Wine Charms, Set of 6

Joanna Buchanan Druzy Wine Charms, Set of 6
Multicolored stones with gold-tone hardware

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